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The Montana Emu Ranch Company is located in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, about 65 miles south of the Canadian Border. Here the air is pristine, the water is pure and the intent of our mission is authentic. The Montana Emu Ranch Company is dedicated to bringing these clean and natural elements to you through the purity of our natural nutritional products.

Hello Friends,

I would like to explain the facts of how Montana Emu Ranch Emu are raised and handled on our Ranch.

We are all animal lovers here also and are very conscientious about their treatment.
Our Emu are raised in large pens with free choice feed and water, meaning that they have access to food and water 24/7.  They are watered out of automatic heated waterer’s so even in the winter they have access to their water 24/7.  Our water comes from a deep fractured rock aquifer and is excellent water, better than most people get!  We feed our Emu a special diet of fresh ground crops from a mill located 130 miles south of the ranch.  There are no chemicals, anti-biotics or synthetic fillers in their feed.  We add diatomaceous earth as natural parasite control. 

Emu are an omnivore and do eat insects in the wild.  However, since it is almost impossible to come up with a sustainable, economical, consistent animal protein that is pure, we choose to get our Emu their protein from NON-GMO soy.  Our Emu Feed is freshly ground from local crops.  We wish it could be certified organic, but again that is almost an impossible task and would increase the price of the emu oil by up to five times what it is now.  The small mill the feed is made in does a great job of delivering us fresh feed on a monthly basis. 

On our Ranch, every group of Emu has their own shelter that is bedded with fresh dry straw.  We have a full time ranch hands whose sole responsibility it is to make sure the Emu are fed, watered and bedded daily. 

Our birds are 98% useable.  We process them annually in July.  The State Inspected processing plant is located just 20 minutes from the ranch.  The birds are processed the same day we deliver them to the plant.  Emu meat is a Fat Free Red meat which is endorsed by the American Heart Association.  Whatever meat is not packaged and sold to local health food stores and restaurants is sold to naturally feeding dog/pet groups.  The main one calls themselves B.A.R.F. (Bones And Real Food for dogs). 

When the birds are processed for their meat we harvest the fat pad off their back.  This fat pad is sent to a food grade refinery to be refined into the oil.  Our fat is rated in the top 2% in the country.  The thing that is unique about MONTANA EMU RANCH EMU OIL is that you are guaranteed the oil you are getting is from the birds off this ranch.  We are one of the few, if not the only ranch, that sends in large enough batches of fat to be guaranteed that it is not mixed with any other ranches fat from any other part of the country.  This is VERY important because just like humans, Emu store toxins in their fat.  The cleaner the feed and living conditions of the Emu the better the quality of the oil!  

In summary, our oil is guaranteed to be fresh annually and guaranteed to be from the birds raised at Montana Emu Ranch.  Our birds are a 98% useable, renewable source of meat and oil for people and pets.  Our birds are raised in large pens with free choice feed and water in a clean environment.  And, they are processed humanely in a Montana State inspected facility.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me anytime!
Penni Collins


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